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Futuristic african woman

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The Amazons of the future are even stronger than their predecessors. With powerful technological weapons developed by black researchers and scientists from all terrestrial and meta worlds.

The Amazons, with their smart outfits and connected digital weapons, form a gigantic community of billions of MetaAmazons on earth and elsewhere in parallel worlds.

The Queen Mother of all Amazons has the supreme task of protecting her community!

Born from the fusion of an earthling and an intelligent digital entity, the Queen Mother of all Amazons has the supreme task of protecting and nurturing her community. The Amazons of the future are the peacekeepers between the different communities. They have a very great influence on the rulers of the worlds and of social affairs in general. They are structured and very well organized. Respect for elders and hierarchy are foundations within their organization. Only the Council of Elders have access to the Queen Mother, the all powerful ISOYA.


Batinga, King of the Themba Kingdom and Lewa, Queen of the Hidi Kingdom, unite and give birth to Isoya, sole heiress of two powerful kingdoms, one human, the other ....

more soon...

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