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Series 2: Tables and images

All our images were imagined by Seymour Creation and generated by generative AI. We work with the best printers in Quebec to offer you paintings of breathtaking quality, as the rendering is exceptional. We offer images and paintings up to 120 inches. We also offer a wide choice of frames and finishes.

Painting (150 x 150 cm) 425$

Painting (150 x 150 cm) 425$

AI-generated art refers to works of art created or significantly influenced by artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms use machine learning techniques to analyze and learn patterns from vast amounts of existing art, allowing them to generate new and original artistic productions. The AI-generated art used by Seymour Création takes various forms, including through images, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, wooden furniture and other works that can be reproduced physically.

Painting (230 x 90 cm) $690

Painting (230 x 90 cm) $690

Seymour Création uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) as tools for artistic creation. In artificial intelligence, generative adversarial networks (GANs) sometimes also called generative adversarial networks (GANs) are a class of unsupervised learning algorithms. These algorithms were introduced by Goodfellow et al. 2014. They make it possible to generate images with a high degree of realism.

A GAN is a generative model where two networks are placed in competition in a game theory scenario. The first network is the generator, it generates a sample (eg an image), while its adversary, the discriminator tries to detect if a sample is real or if it is the result of the generator.

Painting (110 x 60 cm) $289

Painting (110 x 60 cm) $289

Overall, AI-generated art offers exciting opportunities for artistic exploration, pushing the boundaries of creativity and challenging traditional art practices. It opens up new avenues of expression, allowing artists to explore new styles, techniques and concepts, while sparking conversations about the intersection of technology and art.We have over 4,000 images in stock. Contact us by email for any other choice, with artistic wooden sculptures and other unique furniture.

Rates may vary at any time.

Please finalize your orders to benefit from the best current prices.

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