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The pillar

More than a stool, the Pillar by Seymour Création is a work of art.

African design furniture from the Seymour Creation collection adds class and comfort to your living space. Sturdy hardwood carved structures provide stability and durability.

All our works of art are imagined and generated by artificial intelligence. Then, they are made by craftsmen with hard and thin woods that do not deform easily like:

  • the camphor tree,

  • red sandalwood,

  • the cedar,

  • mahogany,

  • ginkgo,

  • the agila,

  • the nanmu

  • longan wood

Some works are made with ebony wood.

Production time: 1 to 3 months

Delivery time: 3 to 4 weeks

Rates may vary at any time. Please finalize your orders to benefit from the best current prices. Place your orders.

Price: $655.00

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