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Interior lamp, African design

This creative series via Midjourney was conceived on May 03, 2023.


Crafted from a unique blend of woods, the Éritaj range of lampspromises to be delicately hand carved by artisans in Canada and Africa . The Éritaj collection includes works of art that are distinguished by their detail. With a rich and vibrant finish, the detailed patterns of each lamp will add high value to the work.

Seymour Creation. Quebec, Qc. May 2023

Given the artistic nature of this precious item, each design is one of a kind. Handmade by Quebec and West African artisans. We can't wait to compare the AI image and the creation highlighted by our fellow sculptors.

Seymour Creation. Quebec, Qc. May 2023

Precious lamps with unique African motifs. The details promise to be impressive. We look forward to admiring and touching the work, which will be available in the fall of 2023.

Seymour Creation. Quebec, Qc. May 2023

All sculptures are possible with different shapes and sizes. What Midjourney allows Seymour Creation is to imagine objects that we can consider having made by craftsmen who have the necessary talents. It's breathtaking!

Seymour Creation. Quebec, Qc. May 2023

You have an idea in mind and you want to realize it, contact our studio Seymour Creation.

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